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Wealth gap between poor and rich has been increased drastically for the last three decades. The richest people are getting richer at a much faster pace while the poor are still struggling to earn a minimum wage and access quality education, which continue to suffer from chronic under-investment. Majority of the poor people belongs to scheduled caste and scheduled tribes caste of Indian social system. This section of the society was historically deprived both social and economic point of view, still do not have any source to earn minimum wage and living below the poverty line.


It has now become a trend that middle class and above go to independent (private) schools for education as they have enough income to afford the fees and other funding. However, children of poor people go to state schools (Government schools) where no fees need to be paid as they are not in position to afford the fees of the private schools. Over the time, poor students stops going to school as they cannot afford the other expenditure of the schools i.e. book, stationary, dresses and school camps. This is the reason we have targeted the state schools (Government schools) in India to provide the economic support to the students who are deprived from both social and economic aspects.

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What we Do?


Education for all

Every child should have the opportunity to get appropriate education, training, and employment, so we work hard to make that happen. In order to accomplish this, we give the underprivileged students who are in need of supplies.

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Connecting with Culture

Through community-based cultural and humanitarian events, rct uk unites the UK's non-resident Indian groups with the local population. In this way, we hope to raise awareness of the rich community culture of the Rajasthani people and to promote our heritage, all the while providing a forum for them to learn more about it and have fun, unwinding from the daily grind.


Networking for a cause

Over the course of the year, we make an effort to establish connections with many stakeholders in both India and the UK in order to unite them in our activities and further the noble cause of providing impoverished students with the means to realize their ambitions and, together, make the world a better place to live in. Encouraging donations to support RCT's aim of empowering generations through education is the driving force behind these activities.